IC Engines


Syllabus Covered:

Engine classification and engine components –  Air standard cycles – Cycles having the Carnot cycle efficiency – Comparison of Otto, Diesel and dual cycles – Fuel- Air cycles; variation of specific heats – Fuel- Air cycles; effect of engine variables – Internal combustion engines fuels – Combustion; basic chemistry – Combustion; stoichiometry – Combustion; exhausts gas analysis – Combustion; Dissociation – Combustion; internal energy, enthalpy of combustion and enthalpy of formation and calorific value of fuels – Real cycles – Spark ignition engine and its components – Compression ignition engine and its components – Four stroke engine – Two stroke engine – Scavenging in two – stroke engines – Rotary engines; Gas turbine – Rotary engines; Wankel engine – Engine testing and performance; performance parameters – Performance characteristics – Testing and basic measurement of I.C. engines – Supercharging and its effect on engine performance – Turbo – charging – I.C.E. fuel systems, carburetion, fuel injection – Valves (ports) timing – Firing order.


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