Mechanical Engineering Book


Mechanical Engineering Book consists conventional theory and objective question & answers for all the core subjects of Mechanical Engineering.

If you like the book please download it. It really do helps you to prepare for interviews or any other competitive exams.

The best suggested books for competitive exams and interviews are given below:

  1. Mechanical Engineering by R S Khurmi, J K Gupta, S.Chand Publications.
  2. Conventional & Objective Type Questions & Answers on Mechanical Engineering for Competitions by R K Jain, Khanna Publications.

  3. A Handbook on Mechanical Engineering, Made Easy Publications.



Download the Mechanical Engineering Hand Book (e book) in pdf for free. Click the below link to download the book:





3 Comments Add yours

  1. bandana says:

    SIR, please send me the link of R K JAIN pdf


  2. Nikhil pal says:

    Please send me a link to download R.K JAIN in PDF


  3. Shyam kunar singh says:

    This hand book awesome …I really thankful to you


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