Lasting Friendship of Ford and Edison


 In 1896, after building quadricycle, Henry Ford got the opportunity to meet the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison at a convention in New York.  Edison was then started his work, an electric powered car. Thomas Alva Edison was the boyhood Hero of Mr. Henry Ford.  Henry Ford is much pleased with the idea of electric car and they both started to work for it. In 1907, Ford was on the edge of releasing the Model T car. The inventors forged a friendship between Edison and Ford that lasted their entire lives.

Ford and Edison embarked on lengthy camping trips nearly every year at their time. In 1918, Ford, Edison, Burroughs and Firestone went to one such camping where Firestone wrote of the great inventor, who had a proclivity for the road less travel—and less paved. When a broken fan punctured the radiator of one of their cars, Ford proved the master mechanic. Before a curious crowd of locals, the automaker rolled up his sleeves and personally repaired the car with his grease-stained hands.


Ford, Edison, Burroughs and Firestone at their camping trip

Ford and Edison then became so close, they presented gifts to each other, wrote letters to each other. Even Ford and Edison’s electric car was a failure their friend ship continued.


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