Strength of Materials (SOM)


UNIT  I           Deformation of Solids

Introduction to Rigid and Deformable bodies – properties, Stresses –  Tensile, Compressive and Shear, Deformation of simple and compound bars under axial load – Thermal stress – Elastic constants – Volumetric Strain, Strain energy and unit strain energy

UNIT  II         Torsion

Introduction – Torsion of Solid and hollow circular bars – Shear stress distribution – Stepped shaft – Twist and torsion stiffness – Compound shafts – Springs – types – helical springs – shear stress and deflection in springs – Wahl Factor.

UNIT  III       Beams

Types : Beams , Supports and Loads – Shear force and Bending Moment  – Cantilever, Simply supported and Overhanging beams – Stresses in beams – Theory of simple bending – Shear stresses in beams – Evaluation of  ‘I’ , ‘C’ & ‘T’ sections.

UNIT  IV        Deflection of Beams

Introduction – Evaluation of beam deflection and slope: Macaulay Method and Moment-area Method

UNIT  V          Analysis of stresses in two dimensions

Biaxial state of stresses – Thin cylindrical and spherical shells – Deformation in thin cylindrical and spherical shells – Principal planes and stresses – Mohr’s circle for biaxial stresses – Maximum shear stress – Strain energy in bending and torsion.




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Notes for the above syllabus is in the link below. Download Strength of materials notes, text books for free:

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