Strength of Materials Lab Manual

 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS LAB  Manual                                    

LIST OF EXPRIMENTS                                                      

  1. Tension test
  2. Double shear test
    3. Torsion test
  3. Fatigue test on Aluminum rod
  4. Charpy Impact test on metal specimen
  5. Izod Impact test on metal specimen.
  6. Hardness test on metals
    • Brinell’s Hardness
    • Rockwell Hardness
    • Vickers Hardness
  1. Deflection test on beams
    9. Compression test on helical springs
  2. Strain Measurement using Rosette strain gauge
  3. Effect of hardening-Improvement in hardness and impact resistance of steels

Tempering-Improvement Mechanical properties Comparison

  • Unhardened specimen
  • Quenched Specimen
  • Quenched and tempered specimen.
  1. Microscopic Examination of
  • Hardened samples
  • Hardened and tempered samples.

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