Theory of Machines


Theory of Machines includes both Kinematics of machinery and Dynamics of machinery.

Kinematics of Machinery:

UNIT  I           Basics of Mechanisms    

Definitions-Degree of Freedom, Mobility-Kutzbach criterion-Grashoff’s law-Kinematic Inversions of 4-bar chain, single and double slider crank chains-Mechanical Advantage-Transmission angle. Description of common Mechanisms: Single, double and offset slider mechanisms – Quick return mechanisms – Ratchets and escapements – Indexing Mechanisms.

UNIT  II         Kinematics   of Mechanisms            

Displacement, velocity and acceleration – analysis in simple mechanisms – Graphical Method: velocity and acceleration polygons – Kinematic analysis by Complex Algebra methods-Vector Approach – Coincident points- Coriolis Acceleration.

UNIT  III       Kinematics of CAM

Classifications – Derivatives of Follower motions, Displacement diagram and cam profile: Uniform velocity, Simple harmonic, uniform acceleration and retardation and Cycloidal motions. Layout of plate cam profiles – circular arc and tangent cams – Pressure angle and undercutting.

UNIT  IV        Gears

Spur gear Terminology and definitions – Fundamental Law of toothed gearing and involute gearing – Interference and undercutting-Non standard gear teeth – Helical, Bevel, Worm, Rack and Pinion gears (Basics only)-Gear- Motion Analysis- trains-Parallel axis gear trains-Epicyclic gear trains-Differentials

UNIT  V          Friction

Surface contacts-Sliding friction – Friction in screw threads – Friction clutches – Belt and rope drives, Friction aspects in Brakes – Friction in vehicle propulsion and braking



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Dynamics of Machinery:

UNIT I Force Analysis 

Rigid Body dynamics in general plane motion – Equations of motion – Dynamic force analysis – Inertia force and Inertia torque – D’Alemberts principle – The principle of superposition – Dynamic Analysis in Reciprocating Engines – Gas Forces – Equivalent masses – Bearing loads – Crank shaft Torque – Turning moment diagrams – Fly wheels –Engine shaking Forces – Cam dynamics – Unbalance, Spring, Surge and Windup.

UNIT II Balancing 

Static and dynamic balancing – Balancing of rotating masses – Balancing a single cylinder Engine – Balancing Multi-cylinder Engines – Partial balancing in locomotive Engines – Balancing linkages – balancing machines.

UNIT III Free Vibration                          

Basic features of vibratory systems – idealized models – Basic elements and lumping of parameters – Degrees of freedom – Single degree of freedom – Free vibration – Equations of motion – natural frequency – Types of Damping – Damped vibration critical speeds of simple shaft – Torsional systems; Natural frequency of two and three rotor systems.

UNIT IV Forced Vibration                                 

Response to periodic forcing – Harmonic Forcing – Forcing caused by unbalance – Support motion – Force transmissibility and amplitude transmissibility – Vibration isolation.

UNIT V Mechanisms for Control                            

Governors – Types – Centrifugal governors – Gravity controlled and spring controlled centrifugal governors –Characteristics – Effect of friction – Controlling Force – other Governor mechanisms-Gyroscopes – Gyroscopic forces and Torques – Gyroscopic stabilization – Gyroscopic effects in Automobiles, ships and airplanes



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The below links provide you with the notes required for the study of Theory of Machines for both KOM and DOM subjects, download for free. Click on the links below to download chapter wise text book for theory of machines:

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