Design of Mechanical Drives (DMD)


Syllabus for Vel tech University Students:

UNIT I Design Of MECHANICAL DRIVES For Flexible Elements              

Selection of V belts and pulleys– Selection of Flat belts and pulleys – Wire ropes and pulleys – Selection of Transmission chains and Sprockets.  Design of pulleys and sprockets.


UNIT II  Spur Gears and parallel axis Helical Gears              

Gear Terminology-Speed ratios and number of teeth-Force analysis -Tooth stresses – Dynamic effects – Fatigue strength – Factor of safety – Gear materials – Module and Face width-power rating calculations based on strength and wear considerations – Parallel axis Helical Gears – Pressure angle in the normal and transverse plane- Equivalent number of teeth-forces and stresses. Estimating the size of the helical gears.


UNIT III Bevel, Worm and Cross helical gears                

Straight bevel gear: Tooth terminology, tooth forces and stresses, equivalent number of teeth. Estimating the dimensions of pair of straight bevel gears. Worm Gear: Merits and demerits- terminology. Thermal capacity, materials-forces and stresses, efficiency, estimating the size of the worm gear pair. Cross helical: Terminology-helix angles-Estimating the size of the pair of cross helical gears.


UNIT IV Design of Gear Boxes           

Geometric progression – Standard step ratio – Ray diagram, kinematics layout -Design of sliding mesh gear box -Constant mesh gear box. – Design of multi speed gear box.


UNIT V Design of CAM, Clutches and Brakes    

Cam Design: Types-pressure angle and under cutting base circle determination-forces and surface stresses.Design of plate clutches –axial clutches-cone clutches-internal expanding rim clutches-internal and external shoe brakes.




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  4. Shigley J., Mechanical Engineering Design, Mc Graw Hill, 2001

Reference BOOKS

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Design of Mechanical Drives (DMD) Study material, notes, Text book are provided in the links below download them for free………..

The below link provides you a e book (pdf book) of DMD in two parts for free download

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Note: If you have downloaded all the books in Design of Machine Elements, then no need to download this.


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