Dynamics of Machinery Lab Manual



  1. Determination of influence co-efficient for multi degree freedom suspension system(Bifilar & Trifilar).
  2. Determination of torsional frequencies for compound pendulum and flywheel system with connecting rod.
  3. Whirling of shaft – Determination of critical speed of shaft with concentrated loads.
  4. Balancing of rotating masses & reciprocating masses.
  5. Vibrating system (Spring Mass system) – Determination of damping co-efficient of single degree of freedom system.
  6. Motorised Gyroscope-Verification of laws -Determination of gyroscopic couple.
  7. Governors – Determination of sensitivity, effort, etc. for, Hartnell governor.
  8. Cam – Study and drawing profile of the cam.
  9. Determination of transmissibility ratio – vibrating table.
  10. Transverse vibration – Determination of natural frequency and deflection of cantilever beam and Fixed beam.
  11. Study on types of Gear Trainsmission
  12. Study on types of Dynamometers


You will find the manual in the link given below

Click to Download


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