Applied Hydraulics and Pneumatics (AHP)

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UNIT I Fluid Power Systems and Fundamentals

Introduction to fluid power, Advantages of fluid power, Application of fluid power system. Types of fluid power systems, General types of fluids – Properties of hydraulic fluids –Fluid power symbols. Basics of Hydraulics-Applications of Pascal’s Law- Laminar and Turbulent flow – Reynolds’s number – Darcy’s equation – Losses in pipe, valves and fittings.


Sources of Hydraulic Power: Pumping theory – Pump classification –construction and working of pumps – Variable displacement pumps, pump performance. Actuators: Linear hydraulic actuators– Single acting and Double acting cylinders, Rotary actuators – Fluid motors.

Control Components: Direction control valve – Valve terminology – Various center positions. Shuttle valve – check valve – pressure control valve – pressure reducing valve, sequence valve. Flow control valves – Fixed and adjustable. Electrical control — solenoid valves. Relays, Accumulators and Intensifiers.

UNIT III Pneumatic System Components

Pneumatic Components: Properties of air. Compressors. FRL Unit – Air control valves, Quick exhaust valves and pneumatic actuators- cylinders, air motors.


UNIT IV Fludics & PNEUMATIC CIRCUIT DESIGN                        

Fluidics – Introduction to fluidic devices, simple circuits Introduction to Electro Hydraulic Pneumatic logic circuits, PLC applications in fluid power control, ladder diagrams

Fluid Power Circuit Design: Sequential circuit design for simple applications using classic, cascade, step counter, logic with Karnaugh- Veitch Mapping and   combinational circuit design methods.

UNIT V Fluid Power Circuits

Speed control circuits, synchronizing circuit, Pneumo hydraulic circuit, Accumulator circuits, Intensifier circuits. Servo systems – Hydro Mechanical servo systems, Electro hydraulic servo systems and proportional valves.

Deceleration circuit, hydrostatics transmission circuits, control circuits for reciprocating drives in machine tools, Material handling equipments. Fluid power circuits; failure and troubleshooting.


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