Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)


UNIT I Introduction                                                                                                                           

The meaning and origin of CIM- the changing manufacturing and management scene – External communication – islands of automation and software-dedicated and open systems-manufacturing automation protocol – product related activities of a company- marketing engineering – production planning – plant operations – physical distribution- business and financial management.


History of group technology- role of G.T. in CAD/CAM integration – part families – classification and coding – DCLASS and MICLASS and OPITZ coding systems-facility design using   G.T. -benefits of G.T. – cellular manufacturing.

Shop floor control-phases -factory data collection system -automatic identification methods- Bar code technology-automated data collection system.

UNIT III computer aided process planning AND CIM implementation   

Process planning – role of process planning in CAD/CAM integration – approaches to computer aided process planning -variant approach and generative approaches CIM and company strategy – system modeling tools -IDEF models – activity cycle diagram – CIM open system architecture (CIMOSA) – manufacturing enterprise wheel-CIM architecture – Product data management-CIM implementation software.

UNIT IV  FLEXIBLE AND automated MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS                             

FMS-components of FMS – types -FMS workstation -material handling and storage systems- FMS layout -computer control systems-automated work flow-automated assembly systems-dead locks in automated manufacturing systems -PETRINET models applications-development of software for FMS integration- application and benefits.


UNIT V Open system AND DATABASE FOR CIM                               

Open systems-open system inter connection – manufacturing automations protocol and technical office protocol (MAP /TOP) Development of databases -database terminology- architecture of database systems-data modeling and data associations -relational data bases – database operators – advantages of data base and relational database.

The above syllabus is taken from vel tech university



  1. Mikell P. Groover, “Automation, Production System and computer integrated manufacturing “, Prentice – Hall of India Pvt Ltd., 1995.
  2. Yorem koren, “Computer Integrated Manufacturing system”, McGraw-Hill, 1983.


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