Numerical Methods and Statistics

Unit I Solution of Equations And Eigenvalue Problems 

Newton-Raphson method – Gauss elimination method – pivoting – Gauss-Jordan method –iterative methods – Gauss-Jacobi  and Gauss-Seidel  iterative methods – matrix  inversion by Gauss-Jordan method – finding the eigenvalues of a matrix by power method


Unit II Interpolation, Numerical Differentiation And Integration  

Lagrange’s and Newton’s divided difference interpolation – Newton’s forward and backward difference interpolation – approximation of derivatives using interpolation polynomials – numerical integration using trapezoidal and Simpson’s 1/3 rules.


Unit III Numerical Solution Of Ordinary Differential Equations 

Taylor series method – Euler’s method – modified Euler’s method – Fourth order Runge-Kutta method for solving first and second order equations – finite-difference methods for solving second order equations – multi-step methods –Milne’s and Adam’s predictor-corrector methods


Unit IV Testing Of Hypothesis 

Sampling distributions – tests for single mean, proportion, difference of means (large and small samples) – tests for single variance and equality of variances – chi-square test for goodness of fit – independence of attributes


UnitV Design of Experiments 

Completely randomized design – randomized block design – Latin square design- factorial design


Reference book:

Probability And Statistics For Engineers And Scientists by Walpole, Myers, Myers and Ye 9th Edition


Below link provide you a pdf text book that help you in your studies, download it for free:

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