Applied Engineering Thermodynamics

Best reference books for Applied Engineering Thermodynamics are:

Applied Engineering Thermodynamics by P.K.Nag (Most Preferred)

Engineering Thermodynamics by Rajput

Engineering Thermodynamics by Onkar Singh




UNIT I  GAS AND VAPOUR POWER CYCLES                                                                               

Otto, Diesel and Dual cycles, Air standard efficiency, Mean effective pressure, Comparison of Otto, Diesel and Dual cycles, Ideal and Actual Brayton cycle.

Rankine cycle, Reheating and Regeneration cycles, Binary vapour cycles, Combined gas-vapour power cycles, co generation.

UNIT II  REFRIGERATION                                                                      

Air refrigeration cycle, Vapour Compression Refrigeration cycle, Sub cooling and Super heating, Performance calculations, Vapour Absorption Refrigeration – Ammonia water, Lithium Bromide water systems (Description only), Comparison between Vapour Compression and Vapour Absorption Refrigeration systems, Desirable properties of Refrigerants.

UNIT III  PSYCHROMETRY AND AIR – CONDITIONING                              

Psychrometric properties, Use of psychrometric chart, Psychrometric process – Sensible heat exchange process, Latent heat exchange process, Adiabatic mixing, Evaporative cooling, Property calculations of air-vapour mixtures.

Principles of air-conditioning, Types of air conditioning systems – summer, winter, year round air conditioners, Concept of RSHF, GSHF, ESHF, Simple problems.

UNIT IV  AIR COMPRESSORS                                                            

Classification and working principle, Work of compression with and with-out clearance, volumetric, iso-thermal and isentopic efficiencies of reciprocating air-compressors, Multi-stage compression and intercooling, Work of Multi-stage compressor.

Rotary compressors, Concept of positive displacement, Roots blower, Vane type blower, Screw compressor, Axial flow and centrifugal compressors

UNIT V  FUELS AND COMBUSTION                                                      

Solid, Liquid and Gaseous fuels, Combustion process, Enthalpy of formation, Enthalpy and internal energy of combustion, Higher and lower heating values, Adiabatic combustion temperature, First law analysis of Reacting systems.

Combustion equation, Stochiometric air fuel ratio, Excess air, Composition of combustion products, Analysis of combustion products, Air-fuel ratio from analysis of combustion products.

Free download links for the Applied Engineering Thermodynamics pdf (unit wise) study material are given below:

Unit 1: Click to Download

Unit 2: Click to Download

Unit 3: Click to Download

Unit 4: Click to Download

Unit 5: Click to Download



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