Robotic Projects

  1. Fire Extinguisher robot.
  2. Remote controlled robot with wireless video camera.
  3. Orange harvesting Robot.
  4. Obstacle detection Robot.
  5. Voice operated robot.
  6. Mobile phone Bluetooth operated robot.
  7. Man-less Robotic boat control for oceanography.
  8. Live Human detection and alerting Robot to find terrorists at borders.
  9. Pick and place robot.
  10. Wireless Robot with wireless radio controlling system.
  11. Android mobile phone controlled Bluetooth robot.
  12. Light follower Robot.
  13. Obstacle detection robot.
  14. Line Follower Robot.
  15. Bomb detection Robot.
  16. Flying Quad Rotor Chopper with Video camera.
  17. Remote Controlled Land Rover.
  18. Smoke and LPG Gas detection robot.
  19. Speech recognition robot.
  20. Obstacle detection Robot with Ultrasonic Sensors.
  21. Wall Following Robot.
  22. GPS based self navigating Robot.
  23. speech controlled wireless elevator system.
  24. Bomb displacing robot with wireless video camera.
  25. Wireless operated war field land Rover to detect land mines.
  26. Frog type(jumping) robot.
  27. Color detecting Robot.
  28. Hexapod Monster.
  29. House Cleaning Robot.
  30. Temperature monitoring robot.
  31. Paint spraying robot.
  32. Nuclear waste disposal robot.
  33. six legged robot for climbing irregular surfaces.

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