Generally, most of the projects never involves in a single domain or a subject for example, take a modern refrigerator which has a sensor that switch the light on when you place your hand in and off when you takes back your hand, now guess how many domains it covered…………………… even though is a pure thermal engineering subject but the product involved the circuit connections, sensor programming, refrigerator material and many more domains along with thermal engineering.

NEW IDEA…………..

The first problem with the project is a new idea……..                                            Is every one in this world is creative??? No, definitely not, then how come every student comes up with a new idea of inventing a new project(product). Pupil never think a person with a new idea alone is brilliant we all know that Thomas Edison invented electric bulb. Is he alone invented it??? is the electric bulb is a complete idea of Edison??? No, its not.


Actually, Joseph Wilson Swan(in the above pic.,) developed and patented a working light bulb. When it was clear Edison’s “Fuck Swan” defense wouldn’t hold up in court, he made Swan a partner, forming the Ediswan United Company and effectively buying Swan and his patent. So never worry about the idea. If you don’t have an idea try to develop an already implemented product and try to make it perfect.

Various types of project………..

Mechanical engineering students can do their project in various domains

1. Design Projects:


                             A Design project is a best idea for those who want to present a big product for example a new or a modified aircraft structure. It is the best idea to go for a design project because it involves no money(it only requires a laptop or a computer and the design software) also, you can do your project either on your own or in a group. There are a lot of jobs for design engineers in almost every company mostly Automobile, Auto ancillary,  Aerospace, Construction, etc.,

2. Automobile Projects:


                         As Automobile is the fast developing field most of the projects are already implemented. Getting a new idea or developing an idea will be difficult, but if you find a right idea go for it, because automobile sector provides you a bright future anywhere on the globe.

3. Aerospace Projects:

download (1)

It is a good idea to do a aerospace project as a design project and then take a prototype using a 3D printing and do all the calculations using the prototype.if you want to analyse the product, the design would come in handy afterwards.

4. Robotics:

images (1)

Fabricating a robotic project will be pretty interesting but it needs a good guide to accomplish.

5. Thermal Projects:


If any one in your group is smart in calculations and formulas of thermodynamics and thermal engineering, then it will be easy for you to complete your project, if not you yourself cannot understand how your product help its user.

6. Energy based Projects:

images (2)

Being a Mechanical student you can still do projects related to electrical engineering like improving the performance wind turbines or an electric motor and many more.

7. Agriculture based projects:

images (3)

These projects involves in making farming easier. Finding a new idea for improving agriculture is easy because the farmers still has many difficulties in farming in many countries due to the lack of right equipment.

8. Material science projects:

images (4).jpg

Most of the material science projects involves in analyzing a metal and comparing it with other materials.


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