Design Projects

  1. Design of  Automated Bi-Cell Assembly Machine.
  2. Design of Camera Box Mount for Quad copter.
  3. Design of Exoskeleton Robotic hand.
  4. Design of Next generation firewood splitting machine.
  5. Design of cement lump breaker.
  6. Design of an optimized floating disc brake.
  7. Design of low cost  Profiler  for oceanography.
  8. Design of Vermi-composter.
  9. Design of a Salt Manufacturing Machine.
  10. Design of Reel Mower.
  11. Design of Advanced Hospital Bed.
  12. Design of advanced roti making machine
  13. Design of Bomb detecting robot.
  14. Design of Bomb defusing robot.
  15. Design of Fire extinguisher robot.
  16. Design of flying Quad chopper.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Subbu says:

    Can you please add more design projects…


    1. sankartheone says:

      Yeah, sure I’ll update as soon as possible


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